Orlando Adoption Network

Website: www.OrlandoAdoptionNetwork.com Contact: Jackie Carroll 407-282-4054 Meeting Location: Avalon Church – 13460 Tanja King Blvd. Description:  The East Orlando Adoption Network was created to help families meet others who are involved in the world of adoption.  We are made up of families in all stages of the adoption process.  We have monthly meetings where families can ask questions, share experiences or just listen to others in a supportive environment.  We have informal get-togethers when families want to connect with each other.  We also have a Google group where members can post questions or links to important information.  The joy of the adoption process is well-known by anyone who has been through it.  Unfortunately, it can also be quite complicated and overwhelming.  The finalization is just the first of many unique challenges in raising an adopted child.  The network is made up of families who have experienced both international and domestic adoption.  Some children were adopted from family members, and others found their Mom and Dad through the foster care system.  There are parents who have adopted older children as well as families with a mix of both biologic and adopted children.  Some parents have chosen to have open adoption arrangements and others have traditional closed adoptions.  While experienced families can be a great resource to those just starting out, families that are new to the adoption process may be more up-to-date on recent law changes other developments in the world of adoption and parenting.  Because each family's journey is unique, everyone has their own set of experiences to share.  Our goal is for the network to serve as a source of strength, comfort, support, and information.  Wherever you are in the adoption process, talking with other adoptive families can be invaluable.  There’s no secret formula.  We meet, we talk, we share and we connect, and we would love to have you join us on our journey.