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The Beautification Committee was established as part of the Avalon Park Advisory Board [APAB], since the Board's inception in March 2003. It was established as a liaison between the homeowners and the APPOA, to keep Avalon Park beautiful. As homeowners we understand the importance of keeping Avalon Park in a beautifully maintained condition. Not only does this enhance the quality of life, it also helps keep Avalon Park one of the fastest selling communities in this area, which translates into higher home values. We have worked to resolve issues that concern homeowners such as pond maintenance, the clean up of empty lots in residential areas as well as in the neighboring Town Center areas, maintenance of the common grounds including the swimming pools, removal of dumpsters in inappropriate areas, etc.

We are also involved with the adherence to the “Use Restrictions and Rules of the APPOA”. These rules are a part of the Declarations you should have received when you bought your home. Leland Management [LM] will be conducting daily compliance inspections. LM has a full-time employee who will be inspecting Avalon Park daily to record any infractions they see. Those found to be in violation of our HOA rules will receive a letter from LM.

Even though Leland Management will be conducting regular inspections, whenever you feel there is something that needs attention, please let LM know right away. Our Avalon Park Property Manager is Tracy Durham and you can contact her at 407-249-9395 or tdurham@lelandmanagement.com . If you do not think your concern is being taken care of to your satisfaction, by all means contact the APAB at comments@avalonadvisory.org . The APAB will intervene and we will try our best to resolve your concerns satisfactorily.

Keep Avalon Park Beautiful:
KAPB Cleanup dates for 2009: TBD



Pictures of past KAPB events:


April 21, 2007

April 21, 2007 KAPB Clean-up - Thanks to all that helped out!

There were probably about 25-30 people total who participated. We had two church youth groups at the middle school, one church group at Stone Lakes elementary and then our main group at Avalon elementary.

The churches involved:
Christ Kingdom Church [Jason Vargas & kids]
St. Maximilian Kolbe Catholic Church [Fr. David, Patty Howell and Rene Flores]

We also had some "regulars":
Mel and Melinda Ramos
Mr. Stephens and his son Jacob from the Karate School community service program
Diane Priewe & son and her friend Linda
Ken Kish [APAB 2007 Chair]
Chari Daignault [APAB Beautification]
Mike Crane [APAB Avalon Projects]

There were other members of Fr. David's parish that came to Stone Lakes elementary as well.  They cleared 20 bags of garbage and hauled them off to dumpsters on their own. Love them!

The kids at the middle school removed 110 pounds of trash [yes, they weighed it]!

We removed at least 10 bags of garbage from the Avalon elementary school grounds.

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