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Avalon Projects dates and information provided are tentative and subject to change and that will be updating them whenever we receive more current information.

The Tech School/TCHS Relief Center - The Tech School is scheduled to be completed for the Fall '07 school year.
The Live/Work units & tenants - The Live Work units recently received preliminary subdivision plan approval and can now be submitted to the building department for permits.  The units should go to contract with individual businesses in mid April.  At that time there will be a clearer idea of the tenants.  Construction will not begin until 10 of the 11 units are under contract although currently all 11 are reserved.  If contracts are acquired in April, construction should start in June with a completion schedule of February '08.
The status/timeline for Town Center 3 - Town Center 3 has no timeline but is rather a five to seven year plan to build out of the remainder of Town Center based on market demands.  Town Center 3 is a long-term project.
The  Alafaya Extension & Widening - No new information on the extension or widening at this time.
The Florida Hospital Medical Rehabilitation Facilities - The rehab facility has approval from DRC per a re-submittal to address comments.  It is approximately 30 days from getting full site plan approval plus 90 days for building permits.  Construction should start August 1, 2007, with a 10 month construction schedule.

Avalon Traffic Concerns (Discussions in Q&A Postings)

  • Traffic speed and volume in alleys
  • Traffic around Avalon Elementary
  • Need for more traffic control signs and speed signs throughout the villages
  • Use of off the road vehicles and powered scooters on both our walkways and roads, especially by young and unlicensed drivers.


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